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The project aims to enhance the local food chain as a driving force for sustainable development of the city of Bergamo and the surrounding rural areas, drawing closer producers and consumers on the one hand, the city and provincial urban and rural areas on the other.

Enhancing the typical and organic local products and environmentally friendly products, reducing the number of kilometers that run through to get food on our tables, shortening the chain of distribution and rekindling a relationship of trust between producers and consumers means promoting a local food system that integrates different economic sectors: the theme of food represents a cultural and economic context, they are involved in various social actors (citizens-consumers, companies, institutions) and economic (the food but also the restaurants and school canteens or business, local tourism, crafts, etc.: just think of the bond between the typical agricultural food production and the local tourist routes).


The objective of Bergamo Logistics project is to conduct an exploratory analysis on the issue of freight transport logistics in urban areas, to identify initiatives in progress or already completed , the strengths and weaknesses of the logistics of goods in the urban area of ​​Bergamo, and possible directions for future development.

These targets are currently pursued through in-depth analysis of the local context through interviews, questionnaires and surveys and comparisons with national and international cases.

Possible solutions in this area also requires the strong involvement of local actors ( institutions , local government , transport operators , retailers ), which often have different and sometimes conflicting objectives.


The project aims to identify the city’s role as a vehicle for the development of practices and spaces aimed at promoting behaviors and healthy lifestyles . For this purpose we are studied new organizational models and new communication technologies .

The project evaluates the role of the current actors who typically are involved in the treatment and health of individuals who potentially can play an active role in creating a better culture , a higher sensitivity and a better health- related practice.

The ultimate goal is to create a positive spiral for making Bergamo a Town of Health , which is a city where every citizen participates actively in the promotion of health through an integrated system of knowledge , technology and structuring of environments .


The project Bergamo Technology has the objective to conduct an exploratory analysis on urban and technological handicraft manufacturing, identifying the benefits, strengths as well as the main limitations for its effective implementation in the city of Bergamo.

These goals are pursued either through an analysis of technologies enabling the paradigm of Urban Factory is through careful evaluation of national and international initiatives. Given the complexity of the phenomenon, the possible solutions require the involvement of local actors of different nature, able to make the system their skills to support winning ideas .


Under the project Bergamo 2. 035 , the research was set assuming a theoretical – methodological approach anchored to the concept of globalization and heavily focused on the relationship between space and territorial governance capital.

These key concepts help to envisage a new definition of mobility is not only linked to the movement in the space of individuals , tangible and intangible assets, but strongly linked to accessibility, which range of possibilities to individuals, as well as access to goods, for moving.

Basing planning on the needs of citizens with regard to the accessibility of sites and services, you can identify new mobility solutions, as well as alternatives to the movement itself and to the increase of transport with its associated infrastructure .





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